Kwork Innovations has been accepted to the prestigious Aalto Start-up Center. This is a great signal of trust from the start-up ecosystem, and will help to accelerate growth and market development. Aalto Startup Center is a great a launchpad to expand global operations as well.

Aalto Start-Up Center is a successful and fast developing business accelerator operating within Aalto University. This year alone (1-6-/2015) Aalto Start-up companies have secured almost 10 m€ investments. The turnover of top 12 alumni companies was over 234 million already in 2013, and these top companies had created over 1500 job positions.

Aalto Start-Up Center provides an excellent growth platform for success by offering a wide range of development services for entrepreneurship, high-quality business advice, extensive networks of experts, as well as modern facilities. So far over 500 companies have been placed on-track for growth and more than 2000 new jobs created. The accelerator has been an integral part of the business school since 1997.

You can learn more about Aalto Start-up Center at its web sites www.start-upcenter.fi