We lead busy lives, and that can lead people to delay or ignore the things that are important.  Healthcare is one of those things.  No one likes to go to the doctor, but chatbots are here to help. Here are some advantages of using Chatbots in healthcare.

Immediate Consultation

Avoid the wait times at the doctor’s office. Chatbots avoid these waits by giving 24/7 instant access to get your questions answered or to have an issue triaged. In these cases, chatbots are a valuable asset. For a sick child that a parent may not be sure whether to take to the doctor a chatbot is a source of comfort. It gives a source for a person with an issue to call on for help to decide if a trip to the hospital is necessary.

Mental Health

Mental health patients can have instant access to help in a crisis with chatbots. It is another form of contact with a patient that is anonymous and immediate. In crisis situations, it can save a life.

Consult for Sensitive Topics

Many people are more comfortable talking to a computer screen than talking with a person face to face. For sensitive topics in healthcare, it is easier for patients to use a chatbot to ask a question of a personal nature than having to face the doctor. Chatbots give the patient the ability to screen the importance of going into the office for a visit without having to face up to a potentially embarrassing situation.

Follow-up Visits

From getting test results to having a nutritional consult, chatbots are an excellent way for patients to have regular follow up care after a doctors visit or surgery.

Doctor Referral

Moving to a new area can make it difficult to find health professionals that you like and trust. That relationship can take time to build. Chatbots can ease this transition by being a resource for physician referrals. It can be a tremendous help to have a place to go to for advice and guidance during a move.