Like most businesses that exist in the modern world today, social media has become a vital part in order to grow and expand your business. The way a company is seen on a profile page has become vital for customers to know what the company looks like and how they show themselves to the world. Websites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are used the most as they provide an easy access to the public and their interests. However the one that most businesses need the most if they want to make success in their future is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social media networking site primarily focused for companies and businessmen and women to connect and establish contacts with other businesses and employees looking for work. You could say its social media for employment professionals. With more than half a billion users as of 2018, LinkedIn provides a massive audience for many employers and employees to find and connect to many who are interested in what they have to offer.  If you are starting a business, LinkedIn provides a ground-breaking opportunity with easy ways to make your business successful.

Making your LinkedIn Profile

The first thing for any business is to make your LinkedIn profile look appealing and interesting. Your profile page is the first thing employers and employees see and judge in what you serve and how you present yourselves. Putting your logo as the profile picture is the easy step, those who provide pictures are viewed more. Then there is writing your introduction. The best thing to do when writing your introduction is to keep it short and simple. You don’t want people to have to read multiple paragraphs as they will lose interest. A paragraph will be enough to gain interest as the people who want to see you are employees looking for work and other companies looking to connect. The best profiles look human and look like someone cares to get someone’s attention, not one that is looks copied and pasted. Your profile is you; it is what you want to put out there to get people to you.

Connecting and Advertising

What matters a lot on LinkedIn is connecting to others. Connecting is a way to give a business insight into other companies and people and also provide legitimacy to your brand. It’s important to know who you are trying to build your business for and connecting to others who might have more of an insight in your field that you need to know. Connecting and engaging online not only provides you with peers but also customers. Building a loyalty with your customers is important and by connecting you can provide personal notes or leave nice messages to reinforce your values to them and give you a great customer service. Advertising is just as important as you can promote your brand on LinkedIn for many to see. The best way is to buy LinkedIn ads to give you more reach on the platform. LinkedIn uses SEO and can direct people to your company with words and phrases that coordinate to your business. The advantages of using this are that it is simple and can be used to target your advertisements to many people across the globe. Advertising is huge for businesses to make their mark and LinkedIn makes it easier as they have the businesses, customers and the software for anyone to use.

Maintaining and Updating Posts and Analytics

LinkedIn for business is only as useful as the posts and content you put on it. Writing and sharing posts is incredibly useful as it builds your company up with what you promote on it. It gives your business a chance to talk to your audience and engage with them in what they have to say. Feedback is always useful, especially with those who you need to sell to, things like articles in your area, company news and business insight you have demonstrates a connection and personal look you want to display. Your posts are what people will see about you day to day on every device, so updating them with what you are doing, how far you have come, what’s next, lets other businesses know you want to connect and work with. You can track the amount of traffic you have on your page by going to the analytics of your profile. The analytics shows you a graph of how many views your profile page and posts have gotten over the last 90 days. Using this to track what posts work and doesn’t work give you an advantage when promoting your business. They show what kind of business and people are looking at your page which lets you target who you want to attract more of and make your business more successful.

Be Compelling and Trusting

In the end, there are many ways to make your business look interesting and make content look good, but it all comes down to you. LinkedIn is only a social media site, it will connect to people you want but the brunt of the work relies on you to be trusting to your audience and compelling for them to keep wanting more. Success is made by those who will always be interesting and trusted in what they show and how they make themselves look on LinkedIn. Showing people who you are involves linking sites and videos you like, having conversations with people and helping other small businesses lets others know why you are on LinkedIn. You are not on there as just another company using it like the other social media sites; LinkedIn is who you are and what you stand for. Trust always brings success to a business, while at the same time making yourself stand out for people to remember you more when they click off.  Whatever service you provide, making it the best and sexiest thing to see and read on LinkedIn will always give you the success you want in time.