Team chat apps are the latest in a long line of technology that keeps coworkers connected. Platforms such as the popular Slack or Microsoft Teams allow management to create a place where communications between coworkers, their superiors, and the company as a whole can be streamlined. These applications tend to have a primary group chat feature, but also include private messages and integrations with other platforms such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Adobe, Asana, and more. Chatbots have found a well-supported niche on these applications, and are used for many tasks.


One of the most common uses of chatbots is team calendar management. These bots allow employees to rework meetings, add or remove events, and generally adjust a shared calendar without the typical hassle. It’s great for preventing double booking, arranging group plans, and eliminating stress on any one individual.


Physical punch cards and calls in sick are a thing of the past. Bots focused on attendance can easily keep track of hours worked, availability, and vacation time within their own centralized framework. They can also be used to automatically create time sheets and provide managers with an overview of employee

IT Desk

Rather than sending employees directly to a human IT worker with a full caseload, IT bots allow Slack and MS Teams users to work through simple or common technical problems on their own. The person is guided step by step to a solution and is only redirected to a real person if the problem is particularly complex or situational. This saves time both for the IT department, which can now focus on more pressing issues, and for the worker who no longer has to wait for their ticket to be personally addressed before continuing with their day.

Project Management

Since team communication apps are already full of discussion on the latest projects, it makes sense to have integrated bots that can turn those offhand comments into an organized list. From assigning work to focusing on deadlines and everything in between, chatbots streamline project management in a group setting.

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