Chatbots are evolving and the hotel industry is taking full advantage of all the ways AI can provide a more personal touch for their guests. Hotel chains are thinking above and beyond initial interactions and have begun to implement their own brand of chatbots to cater to guests before, during, and after their stay.

Here are six of the most interesting ways hotels have incorporated chatbots into their guest services.

Check rates, amenities, and availability

The booking process is made much easier by the successful use of chatbots. Hotels can rely on bots to answer questions about the contents of a room, the availability of multiple rooms, and even accommodate special requests.

Provide room service

The rise of hotel chatbots have given a new meaning to room service. These chatbots are specially designed to send meal selections and requests to hotel staff and can even make suggestions. Guests can also use them make other requests, such as wake-up calls.

The chatbot concierge

Some hotels have turned to chatbots to offer a 24/7 concierge service. Chatbot concierges can offer personalized recommendations, insights on local hot spots, and entertainment suggestions. They can even make restaurant reservations or provide tour information.

The chatbot butler

The chatbot butler is designed to give guests a more personalized form of hospitality. These bots can respond to voice commands, assist with hailing cabs, follow requests for basic hotel services, and connect with the front desk even while guests are out on the town. Luxury hotels can also rely on these AI butlers to recommend spa or massage services and offer small niceties like bathrobes.

Language translation

Guests traveling to a foreign country might feel especially welcomed by a chatbot that speaks their language. Some hotel bots are equipped to communicate and translate over 100 different languages, decreasing a lot of mix-ups and difficulties between patrons and hotel staff.

Guest reviews and feedback

Even after a guest has checked out, hotel chatbots are available to pass on reviews and feedback to management. There are even bots made to handle complaints. This continuation of personal attention is like the mint on a pillow, allowing hotels to truly provide a personal touch.