The travel industry isn’t limited to hotels and airlines and neither are the potential roles for chatbots. Travelers have welcomed bots into multiple stages of their journeys, allowing them to find exactly what they’re looking for when they need it.

Here are the most interesting ways chatbots are stepping up to make trips better.

Saving money

Companies that offer everything from flights to car rentals are eager to let customers search for deals more easily with chatbots. These bots have even more potential than the usual methods since AI can be programmed to learn about customer preferences, allowing travelers to filter search results to better match their needs.

Chatbots can even continue to monitor prices after customers book deals to offer additional discounts in the event of price drops.

On ships and trains

Railways are beginning to use chatbots so that travelers can navigate schedules, book tickets, and get real-time updates on delays. There’s even potential to answer questions about pricing and suggest alternate routes.

The cruise industry is also stepping up with bots that can help customers get reviews and plan entire cruise itineraries via chatbot.

As a virtual travel agent

Travel planning is also made easier with chatbots. Some bots are acting as virtual travel agents that help with everything from booking trips to building itineraries and even offering trip recommendations and deals.

Travel agencies can benefit by working with chatbots to build a traveler profile that offers more personalized suggestions and doesn’t require customers to bounce around from one platform to another just to plan a trip.

As a personal tour guide

Anyone visiting a new city or unfamiliar location can now start turning to chatbots for tips on what to do, where to go, and where to eat. Bots functioning as tour guides can pull up guest reviews and suggestions or even offer directions.

These bots are also great options for visitor information services with limited hours to offer more value to tourists.

Assisting business travel

Chatbots aren’t just for leisurely travel. They’re also available to help companies and business travelers plan complex trips with more than one traveler. They can respond to and book trips with both voice and text-based messages.

Business travel chatbots provide new options for group collaboration on travel decisions as well.